Shooting for clients.

Normally, restaurateurs like to see food pictures relating to their own restaurant. While considering a portfolio I decided to construct it using a small collection of clients yet representing a wide range of food. My coverage of a restaurant often extends to the building and the beverages they like to serve. I also try to include some visual feel for the restaurant because after all a good restaurant experience is not solely just about the food.


The ‘art’ of food photography plays a part but the way i see it, restaurant owners are paying me to attract customers. I aim to help you ‘taste’ the food simply by looking at it and I frequently have people telling me they feel hungry after viewing my portfolio. I  guess thats an art in itself hence my catch phrase is; 'Shoot the Emotion', which is something I feel I do well.


All my food and beverage photography has been shot on location at the clients restaurant, giving the chef the advantage of home ground. This is far less expensive than a studio and I get a much better feel for the clients needs plus this way I get a lot more sets shot. I’ll normally set up a small mobile set somewhere in the restaurant while still open for business. I find the customers are fascinated with the whole process and have no problem enjoying their meal and watching me work. Better than TV and an unusual experience for them.


Here is a selection of clients and just 5 shots taken from their folios.

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