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Primarily working as a food photographer for many years, I am often tasked with interior photography too. Here, as with food photography, its not just about the design. Its also about the emotion or feeling of being there. Words like cosy, ecliptic and romantic or warm are often used to define my guidelines.


Whereas, most commercial interior photography is captured during daylight hours, and more often designed to give a bright and open felling, many of my clients want the opposite. Even during the day. This will often require a balance between tungsten (warm colour lights) and daylight which has a strong blue balance.


The examples I have attached within this page, show a variety of conditions. From extreme low light to a more editorial look, each is purposed to give the emotion of being there, over the features of design. The interior or building is my canvas, and the colour and quality of light is the paint.



With people or without?


It’s a question many clients have asked themselves since photography began. With people, the picture failure rate can be high. Not everyone wants to be in the picture, bringing your own crowd is not easy and people can cover up a lot of detail.


On the other hand, the place is empty. Even so, it’s a lot easier to creatively light, and nobody is going to tell you to remove their image from your advertising. I like interiors with people but it brings a set of possible headaches you may not want.

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